Environmental Sensors

CO2 environmental sensors in the industry are applied in ventilation systems.


An example of its application is in the public offices when the CO2 level reaches high values and automatically the system gives the warning to open the windows or it turns on the ventilation system.


In the factories, environmental sensors are used to monitor gas levels. Connected to an alarm system, these sensors, ensure that the alarm is activated if the gas level is higher than the permitted values.


These sensors (carbon dioxide CO2 and carbon monoxide CO, etc.) are used in the public sector to detect toxic gases in the environment.
They are also used to detect different types of gases such as CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, NO2, O3 etc.


Regarding the particulate matter (PM) sensors, there are electronic sensors to detect dust in the environments. These sensors are applied in the industrial / food sector, to measure the level of dirt (fine dust) in production processes.